How Many leads can you Generate by learning How to use LSI keywords

How to use LSI keywords to improve your search rank

As we know, keywords are the first priority while going with the Search Engine Optimization. You have to consider the keyword density and keyword usage in the post you are writing.

If you overwrite the keyword density then it may cause search engine problems to you.

To keep these problems aside, Google comes with the LSI method. The LSI keywords are doing major impact in driving the real traffic.

Whenever you want to optimize your content you have to go with the keywords and title compression. But we are using the keyword techniques and simple SEO strategies to attract the visitors as well as search engines.

Google changed its algorithm and we all know that now it is concentrating on The Reader-friendly websites. The much time a user spends on your website is equal to the chances of getting results on the first page.

You can’t ignore these techniques unless you have huge traffic. As new bloggers, we have to concentrate on every small thing to the biggest thing in the Optimization process.

Coming to the LSI keywords (What are LSI Keywords? Why does Google care about LSI Keywords) everyone seems to be talking about this LSI keywords for a good reason.

Now, Let’s talk about how to use LSI keywords.

Everyone seems to be talking about this LSI keywords for a good reasonClick To Tweet

How to use LSI keywords?

You can find these LSI keywords from the free tool here.

If you want to properly use the LSI keywords then you must have the ability to use naturally.

The proper keywords placement is one of the best technique to develop organic traffic and let it sounds artificial.

You can use these LSI keywords throughout your article until it sounds natural. You don’t have to overwrite the existence of LSI keywords in your article which looks overboard.

The ability must be in yourself and you have to develop the perfect list. Before going depth if these LSI keywords you have to know about the basic keywords which we can also say as primary keywords.

Make a note of LSI keywords of your primary keywords and you have to use them in the article. You don’t have to copy-paste the keyword instead, you can use it in the better way.

The main places you should place your LSI keywords

  • Page title
  • H1 and H2 tags
  • URL
  • Meta tags
  • First paragraph

You can use the LSI keywords in the last paragraph of the content also but this is negligible.

B E  F O R E    Y O U    G O, T A K E    A    L O O K

Page Title

The page title is head of the post or the page you have on your website. The title of the post describes the full content which you are going to show the readers.

You have to make it as SEO friendly and reader-friendly to attract the readers.

Before optimizing your page title for the search engine Optimization you have to know that Google will display the first 50 to 60 characters of your page title.

According to the platform readers using and according to the device they are using Google will compress the title length in the search results.

The title has the very important role in on-page SEO technique. It must help your rank for a keyword it must encourage the user to click your page.

These two points important while you are optimizing your page or website. Use the proper keywords in the title of your page and then you will notice the change if you are here pro blogger.

H1 and H2 tags

H1 and H2 tags are the most important factors in on page SEO techniques. On page SEO techniques involve so many techniques within the webpage we are editing.

All techniques we are following to increase our website traffic within the web page is known as on page SEO technique. (On-site SEO vs Off-site SEO: Which is better for blog ultimate growth)

Coming to the H1 and H2 tags, these are the tags which are directly communicated to the search engines. That means while the search engine is looking for the content First they will go with the headings of the content or of the page.

This is how your page will show on the top of the search results if you use the keywords in H1 and H2 tags. It will increase your chances of getting organic search traffic.

While comparing with the H2, H1 works better in Search Engine Optimization.


Which means uniform resource locator. It defines the address of your particular page or the post from your website.

Every page and every post contains an address and it is known as URL or slug. Coming to the URL Optimization, you have to use the keyword in the URL to every page or post.

It will easily detect in the search engine scanning pages. You cannot use long tail keywords in the URL but you can use the primary keyword in URL.

Everytime you search for something on the search page results then you can notice the URL highlighted part. That is nothing but the keyword in URL.

Meta Description

The meta description which we can see under the page title in the search results. Unlike page title and URL we can use the long tail keywords in the meta description.

That means you don’t have to restrict yourself from using the keywords in the meta description.

An interesting fact about the Yoast SEO plugin is it increased the meta description length which is very helpful. Generally, the snippet you see in the plugin will resemble the meta description in the search page results.

Use LSI keywords in the meta description and then search engines will easily calculate your SEO score.

First Paragraph

If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin then you will know about placing the keyword in the first paragraph of the content.

It will suggest you use the keyword at least one time in the first paragraph of content. And here while learning Search Engine Optimization by LSI keywords we have to know that the first paragraph also performs in the Optimization process.

The default meta description will be the first paragraph of your content limiting the characters.

You cannot neglect this if you are optimizing your content for search engines.

But most of the bloggers don’t use keywords in the first paragraph because they attract the visitors by the real advantage of reading that post.


So this is how you can use the LSI keywords in your content before you are going to optimize it or making it on page SEO.

These are the simple but effective techniques you can use to optimize your content. Make sure that you optimize the content and you do not overwrite the usage of LSI keywords. The importance of LSI keywords is still alive and we have to keep an eye on this.


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